Friday, 7 December 2007

Still Here...

Hello to anyone still checking this blog from time to time (and thank you). Yes, I am still here, hanging on by a thread. I am feeling a little more positive this week in relation to the pain I have been in recently. Largely due to my dear friend Meg who made the time to write to me about her pain which is in the form of terribly debilitating migraines and she shared with me how she uses acupuncture and reiki which has really been successful in easing much of her pain. So I am certainly open to giving these alternative therapies a try as western medicine is failing me right now. Thank you Meg you are a true gem. By the way, speaking of Meg, if you haven't already gone over to her blog you really must. If you love great writing, if you love honesty and wisdom, if you love stories with truth and heart about issues that most of us as women face from time to time, then I think you will find her a true inspiration. I know I do and hers is my favorite blog and has been for a long time now. I truly believe she will end up writing a book (or ten) some day soon. All you have to do is click on her name, Meg Casey, and I have set up a link that will take you right to her page.

In other news I have had to take Jack for a blood test today as his Doctor is worried about his health and the general look of him. Of course, I am very nervous and won't get results until Monday now. He did mention the word 'leukaemia' which did not help me to feel very positive. However, there is nothing that worrying can achieve so I try to stop thinking about it until I know anything for sure. It has crossed my mind that I would have had cancer in my body whilst I was pregnant with him but I don't know whether that is significant or not. Hurry up Monday! I guess there is a whole slew of other things it could be like maybe deficiency in some vitamin or other or a weak immune system or even a food allergy.

I have not been doing much scrapbooking to be honest which I plan on changing this week. We have continued making Chrismassy things though and I plan on making a pretty vintage banner this week with the words PEACE and JOY on it, here's hoping it comes out as pretty as it looks in my mind. Anyway, not much else to add I'm afraid, I am still kind of wondering whether to keep up this blog at all but maybe I am just in a non-blogging phase and it will pass. It's like I get on here and suddenly don't have anything to say (very unusual for me lol). Well that will do for now anyway, take care and enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

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