Thursday, 13 December 2007

Practise Makes Perfect ???

Hello to my loyal readers, there are but a few of you but I am grateful that you keep checking in on me from time to time, Meg, Leeanne, Wendy, Deb you girls particularly. Anyway today I have a little something to share that I made. I am having such fun just fooling around, making little bits and pieces, not giving anything too much thought and practising techniques I haven't tried before. I have been wanting to try some vintage style ornaments for a while now so here is one I completed last night. I know that the crepe paper ruffle could be a little neater but all in all I am happy with it, I think it looks quite sweet and it adds a certain something to our tree. The little blue dove I copied from the House and Garden magazine, using some lovely glitter from Pretty Petals Boutique that actually tarnishes slightly over time thereby giving a more authentic look. Anyway I do have lots of news to tell but now is not quite a convenient time so I will be sure and post later on.

Perhaps after Christmas we could have a bit of a get together and do some scrapping, some chatting, some eating and some drinking, I would dearly love to catch up with you guys (mentioned above), I'd love to do it before Christmas but not sure whether that would work out as most folk are crazy, busy. Anyway I will email you and see what we can organize. Sorry Meg, you know you would be so, so welcome but as you would have to come from America it could be a bit difficult, however I will share with you all about it online and I know we will get together at some stage.

Maybe we could make it a post Christmas scrap evening where we scrap our photos from the big day, that could be fun - either way even if we don't actually scrap a thing it would be so fun to catch up and have a laugh.

I am also thinking about starting another blog with a fresh approach, a different style altogether, I have some ideas brewing away so I'll let you know. It may have to be in the New Year though.

Okay my dears, hope you enjoy my little decorations and I will update my news later on. Take care of yourselves and each other.


  1. Loving your decorations they are way too cool.

    Would love to catch up after xmas, during the week the only day I have off now is Wednesday. So for me if its not the weekend it will have to be......yes you've guessed it WEDneSDAY.

    have a lovely safe and happy christmas and I'll be waiting to hear from you re the catch up.


    Leeanne x

  2. Oh Jen-I love these decorations. They are so cheery! I have just made my way over this week and loved catching up on your posts. Anxious to see what your new blog ideas are--I love reading your stuff. I am so sad to miss the scrapping party but will be there in spirit and look forward to a time when I can be there sometime soon!