Sunday, 11 November 2007

Been Out of Action...

Hi friends, I know, I know, I have been rather tardy in the upkeep of my little blog lately. I have been a little under the weather. Radiotherapy complications have arisen and been quite a trial for me (like I need another trial..) then Jack came down with gastro and of course yours truly caught it from him. Honestly, you would think I could have a bit of a break from sickness and pain whilst I am in remission wouldn't you. I must admit I am really struggling with this as I am constantly in pain which in turn depletes my energy and I just feel as though it is so damned unfair. I know that is not a good attitude and I truly am working hard on removing such ugly and fruitless thoughts, nevertheless, it ain't easy...I think the biggest struggle is that I should be well right now, I so needed to enjoy being well as I haven't had the sheer luxury of that for so long and this just feels like I'm being cheated. My next PET scan is fast approaching (December) and I am of course really worried as the severity of the cancer I have does not (according to stats) stay away very long, therefore I wanted to make the absolute most of this time off the rugged path of fighting cancer. I had really harsh radiotherapy about 4 years ago now, you wouldn't think it could still cause me such problems but after doing a lot of research it is a lifetime burden and seriously detracts from your quality of life. Well, I can vouch for that. Anyway enough, I shall move past it, take a deep breath and fight on.

On a different front, I have been using my shed/studio (time to start calling it just the studio now I think). Not as much as I would like but hey life intrudes even when you have your health. Still, I made a very quick, sweet little card the other day for a friend which inspired me to start my Christmas cards. I'm actually looking forward to it. I am also about to undertake a vintage journal, filled with old envelopes, sheet music, old book pages, etc. Hopefully it will be sweet and I can make them as gifts.

Alright dear ones, enough for now, I hope you are all well and happy, take care of yourselves and each other and I will try to post a little more regularly.


  1. Hey there Jen, sorry to read you're still struggling in pain. It's a good thing that you share it here on your blog. It's honest and hopefully it helps you to share your burden. I wish there was something I could do to help make you feel better. My best advice would be to keep up the art, my mind is always on the next two or three projects I'm planning in my head and I find that helps me when I'm depressed.
    Keep on fighting the good fight. I'm planning to visit your studio in the next few weeks. (If that's okay with you).
    Take care

  2. Hello Jennifer! I am so sorry to hear of your trial with cancer. I am cheering you on and sending you big hugs from across them miles.

    My Dad has a terrible form of cancer and until he went through all of the treatments and troubles... I didn't realize how much it means to really "battle" cancer. I admire you for talking about it and still doing things you love with your art.

    best wishes to you, Heather