Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Things I'm Lovin' At The Moment...

Gorgeous huh? This really appeals to me right now. Love the art work on the wall in the first shot. Looks like it's been hand done. Love the little splash of green in the bedroom and entry hall, so fresh. The mismatched chairs around the kitchen table, so casual and inviting. I just love this look, I don't know what that says about me but I love it much more than perfectly matched decor and new modern stuff. Which is just as well as I couldn't afford perfectly matched decor any way lol!

Very tempted to have a change of color around me and this white and fresh blue is making me thirst for it. Only problem is, I'd have to paint the entire kitchen and hallway white and at the moment they are very bold, bright colors so, I'd probably have to do about 3 coats PLUS an undercoat. Then again, I am feeling very well atm sooooo.....maybe!!! Already have the timber floors and old style cottage going on...hmmm.

How about you, do you thirst for change in your home every now and then? And what style would you go for if you could choose anything you wanted? This home looks as though it belongs on a couple of acres somewhere with a little stream running along the bottom with willows bowing gracefully over it. sigh. It would have a vegie patch out the back filled with a mix of vegies, herbs and flowers all thrown in together, each helping the other in the way companion planting does, with a few dozen buzzing bees lazily hovering over it. I would give overflowing baskets of it to friends. sigh, sigh. Sometimes it seems life just isn't long enough to achieve all our dreams, I don't know how I'd achieve this idyllic one, unless I won tattslotto which would be very difficult since I don't buy tickets. Best I start. Best I come up with a great idea to sell for mega bucks....well can't hurt to dream! Meanwhile I'll try to stay grateful for what I do have. Enjoy your dreams today and take care of yourselves and each other.

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  1. It's lovely, peaceful and a candy for the eyes.