Friday, 5 October 2007

So That's Why...

Hello dear ones, well you've noticed that I haven't been blogging as much lately and in point of fact I've really been struggling to do anything much lately. I just couldn't understand what was wrong especially as the couple of weeks previously I'd had a lot of energy and felt great. Well, I went for a check up with my Doctor on Wednesday afternoon, we had a chat and I got scripts I needed filled etc, etc. Then just as I was leaving, I said to her "Marie, do you think you could take a look at my gum, it's been a little bit sore, I know you're not a dentist but maybe you can tell me whether I need to see one?" So, she had a look and guess what? My gum right down the back has a swollen infection there and it has gone into my throat and she said, most probably my body. So I needed antibiotics right away. Well, there you have it! I haven't been well and here I was being so hard on myself. I know you're probably wondering how a really sore gum could be such a minor thing to me that I barely even bothered about it! It's because I am so used to not being well, or being in some kind of pain that I truly believe I have built up a tolerance and that it doesn't feel unusual for me not to be 100 per cent. Anyway, I am so relieved as now I know I will start to feel better and my energy will come back. Also I can be a little more kind to myself now. Take care of yourselves and remember lets not be to hard on ourselves as sometimes we are just rundown, or something is wrong in our bodies and we need to take it easy.


  1. Hi Jen,

    I know exactly what you mean, while I don't have to deal with what you have been going through. I feel like recently I have just been feeling kinda yuck, just not myself. Aside from the flu , gastro and now mouth ulcers and cold sores. I'm feeling pretty much on top of the world. hehe!!
    Things have to be on the improve now. We just need to treat ourselves with a little more TLC.

    Look after yourself and I hope your feeling much better really soon.


    Leeanne x

  2. feel better real soon dear one. rest and allow yourself to heal.