Thursday, 18 October 2007

Etsy Love

Hello dear friends. Today I'm sharing some gorgeous things I purchased on Etsy by a lovely seller by the name of Block Party Press. She makes funky, colorful jewellery and bits and pieces. I bought this necklace and this ring from her and was so delighted with them when they arrived. She had included a lovely thank you card, a discount card for my next purchase, a free little goodie and even a coupon for referring friends or family. Everything was wrapped beautifully, individually with a little sticker on each piece, then placed in a box (see photo) and tied with dark green rafia. So sweet and such attention to detail, I will definitely be making more purchases from Block Party Press. Edited to add: Since the typing of this post dear ones, I have made another purchase, a beautiful turquoise pendant, well double pendant actually, I'll see if I can find a photo of it to show you as I don't have it yet. She uses the most beautiful colors, just look at the green in that (my!) pendant. Lovin' it.


  1. Dear Jen,
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  2. wow - cool stuff. I love etsy too, but it's way dangerous. I have to avoid it if I don't want to spend any money. hehe
    Love that green pendant, just gorgeous.
    Have a great week

  3. Hi Hen,

    Your jewellery is very very nice. It got me thinking that I have not brought any Jewels for awhile, might have to go shopping I think.

    Love Deb xxx

  4. Hi Jen,

    The fingers are not working too good this morning sorry about the Hen Jen

    Love Deb xxx

  5. Noice!! Different!! Unusual........
    to quote a couple of famous girls.
    Lovin that green pendant. Haven't really got into the whole Etsy thing yet. Looked around a couple of times, I will have to do myself a favour and do a bit more exploring.

    Have a great day