Friday, 26 October 2007

Definitely Getting There...

Hi there folks. Yes my shed/studio is very definitely getting there. I hope you can tell from these photos that I have done quite a bit. I will do before and after shots for you in a later post so it's easier to compare. There is still a lot I need to do before I can call it finished, but I am really enjoying the process of doing it up. It's a bit of a treat to myself and today, I actually almost completed a layout in there! I loved working out there in my own space. It really totally has a lovely vibe because all the things I love are in there and mostly where I can see them, it is peaceful and feels like I can put head down and get into it and the best part is, if I haven't quite finished a project but I need to go do something else, I can leave it all out and come back to it later. So great not having to worry about the mess or the fact that I can't dish up dinner because the kitchen table is covered in my stuff. Now I know you're probably looking at the photos thinking, ahemmm, okay, it's not that great, but you need to remember what it was like before (see older post) and also realize that my house is tiny and doesn't have a lot of room for scrapbooking - so to me this is heaven. I know there is still a way to go to get it just how I want it, I am going to paint the wire mattress thingy that I've got my stickers and things on, in a color (or maybe even white). I am going to spray paint it on a day when we don't have any wind, so that should make that look great. I think I will also buy/make a big cork board to fill up with colors and patterns for inspiration. I have a heap of ideas and I will implement them one at a time. I may have to pay a visit to Ikea too for some cool storage. So far though, at least I can now work out there, find everything that I need, almost everything has it's own place so a big improvement. I have also allocated one end of my shed/studio to Jack, he has a huge clear bin of art and craft stuff so I set up a table and chair for him and he can work away to his hearts content while I'm doing my thing. It was really sweet the last time we did this as we worked along in companionable silence, with just a few little comments here and there, both deep in thought and in the creating zone. It is a huge shed/studio so plenty of room for me to share with him and he really doesn't get in my space so we work together really well. Kinda cute huh! Anyway I hope you enjoy taking a look at the photos and I will update again just as soon as I fix up something else in there. Take care of yourselves and each other.

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