Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Well That's Over...

Yes scans are now completed, thank goodness. Poor Jack though, he has diarrhea and vomiting and terrible headaches. Thank goodness I didn't end up sending him to school yesterday, he ended up staying with his Nana, who by the way, force fed him a bit, not realising he felt so bad. Anyway sorry for my depressing post yesterday, it was just a very chaotic day and I really hate having my scans done, some of it is in my mind for sure, some of it is because I'm just so sick of medical procedures, and some of it is just I plain don't want to know what's next. But I do really, because I need to have treatment as early as possible, and the only way to know whether there's anything growing in there at the time is to do these scans! Ok will post again when I have something nice or positive to share, take care.

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