Thursday, 20 September 2007

Such Very Good News...

Hello dear friends, I am so privileged to be able to share some really good news today. As you know, I had my oncology appointment yesterday, and really expected to be told that something showed in my PET scan, as is usually the case! However, guess what? Nothing, absolutely nothing showed, sooooo, I am officially in REMISSION. I am so thrilled, I really thought I'd be starting on a new clinical trial today but instead I have at least 3 months without having to have any treatment. I say 3 months, as that is when my next PET scan is due and of course that could show something and I would indeed have to start a trial, but for the moment, cancer free! Anyway I want to thank all the folk that were praying for me yesterday, and for thinking of me and hoping for the best, it is such a great comfort when you feel cared about. I haven't been in remission ever, in the whole 5 years I've been battling this disease, so this is a huge deal for me. I am just so happy. Now I feel like I can plan a little bit ahead of time, I also feel such a sense of relief that I'll be able to take care of my little family, and our home, and the garden, all of those things that as a Mother are so important. You know, I have had soooo much energy this past week, I have felt really good and I was very upset at the thought of ruining that with chemo. Now I can just run with it and maybe that's why I'm feeling so good, because there isn't any discernible cancer at the moment. Also it has reached the 2 month mark since my liver resection surgery and I have healed really well, this would also contribute to my well being.
Anyway, I am just so thankful and grateful for being able to do and appreciate the little things in life, they truly are the most important, and they add up to being big things. I feel like I'm being a good mumma and I can continue to run with that for now. When I say a 'good mumma' I always try to be a good mum, but sometimes my health doesn't allow me to do and be everything my sons deserve, this breaks my heart and can fill me with despair if I don't do a lot of fast self talking, ( and sometimes even when I do)!

I am, of course, going to continue to eat really well, and continue taking the time to take good care of myself, so hopefully, please dear God, I can hang in there until Jack is grown up. That is my goal, I am aware that at this stage of cancer research there is not a cure for me, the cancer has spread too far, but I pray daily for the gift to stay on this earth until my youngest son is grown up, has a partner to love him and is self sufficient. If I achieve that, I will count myself extraordinarily blessed. Okay, thank you dear ones for bearing with me through a very long post but I just wanted to share my wonderful news. Take care of yourselves and each other and try to make each day count in some way. Hugs for you.


  1. What wonderful beautiful fabulous and exciting news! I am so happy and hopeful for your family. All the best as you celebrate this mini new beginning!

  2. That is the best news I've had in ages. How exciting for you and the family. I'm really really happy for you.


    Leeanne x

  3. WOOHOO!!! Remission is HUGE news! I'm so happy for you Jen, I've got tears in my eyes from reading your post. What a blessing! I'm so happy to read how positive and full of energy you are too.
    Stay happy

  4. Hi Jen,
    Fantastic news!!!! I am so happy for you, that is great. You sound so full of energy and excitement. I love your positive wonderful attitude, you are an inspiration!
    Thank you for visting my blog and your lovely comment. Hope the next appointment in 3 months is just as positive as this last one! Natasha xo

  5. Congratulations. That is the very best kind of news. :)