Thursday, 6 September 2007

Pretty Things From Home...

Hello again my dears! This time I want to share with you some of the things that make my house a home, to me. The teaset is made by Robert Gordon, I just adore his stuff and every now and then I go to his factory outlet in Pakenham to get a bit off the retail price. Not much, but a little. The wire cake stand is a vintage find that I love, and my kitchen hutch holds most of these items so I can look at their prettiness throughout the day. I will show you some more of my home items soon. Thanks for looking, have a great day.


  1. Hi Jen,
    I think every house somewhere has a little Robert Gordon Pottery. I love going there too. They have the best scones jam and cream.
    I have a cannister set from our Wedding from him and I love it, although it doesn't match now I could never get rid of it I love it.
    Have a great Weekend
    Love Deb Ross xxxx

  2. Beautiful stuff Jen,
    I love all that stuff, but I'm not that handy with a duster, so I have to be content to just look, not purchase. hehe

    I used to have a chandelier just like that one in my bedroom (along with a wall of smoke glass mirrors and cork tiles - ugh!). I'm a modern gal, but I loved the chandelier too much to part with it, so when we renovated we put it in chelsea's bedroom. It suits her perfectly.

    Loving the colours on your walls too.

  3. So so pretty, I love pretty things too. Although like Wendy I don't like dusting.
    Doing a bit of Blog catching up today the new job has had me exhausted and going to bed early. I usually stay up late and get creative or blog stalk or both.
    Have a lovely day and great weekend.

    Leeanne x