Saturday, 1 September 2007

A New Blog

Hello dear friends, I have started a new blog, called My Journey Through Cancer. So, obviously, you know what it's about. I just think this blog is not the place to journal all about my journey through this disease, I do add bits and pieces, but the new one will have a lot of detail. I will find this very difficult to do, but have been told it can be very healing to journal about these things. Also it may help, or support others going through similar, here's hoping, that would be a bonus. Anyway I will add a link to the new blog here on this blog for anyone that is interested. Okay, take care of yourselves and each other. (Still not better from the flu, but a bit better than yesterday. Thank goodness for antibiotics! PS: Happy Spring yay!!! :) Click HERE to find my new blog. Edited to say: I have stopped updating this blog for now as I just can't handle it at the moment. I think I need to be in remission for a lot longer before I can revisit this painful time. I am sorry to those that would have liked to read about my journey, but I will update it eventually, just can't right now!


  1. Hi Jen,
    Great to hear from you too. Yes we are running some classes from home and we also have crop nights on a Friday Night, this week we are having Crop, Tupperware and Cocktails. (Big Night) my email address is
    Will blog again soon you can also phone me on 0408985986 if you want
    Love to you Jen
    Deb Ross

  2. Oh no...I'm so sorry about the cancer. My mom went through breast cancer a couple years ago and it was rough. I am the eldest of 5 girls and have two daughters so this was a scary diagnosis for everyone. Thankfully it seems to be gone! I will say a prayer for you right now. Hugs to you...Cheryl :)