Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Nerve Racking Day Today....

Hi friends, yes today is a little nerve racking for me. Today I have an appointment with my oncologist (one of them) to get the results of the PET scan I had last week. I am hoping that nothing showed, of course, although he (my oncologist) wants it to show something so I am able to go on a clinical trial as I don't have a lot of options left now. My thinking is that why not just keep having scans regularly, and whenever something does show, hopefully later rather than sooner, then try going on a trial. Anyhoo I'm not the oncologist he is, still it seems strange. So, if something does show, he will have me apply to go on a trial and I will be starting rather soon, which I sooooo don't want to have to do. However, the alternative is not good, so I will have too, for Jack and Jamie. I have been feeling so good lately that I so don't want to have to feel sick again, and it's the fatigue and lack of energy that gets to me. One woman who was having regular chemo described the feeling as that of a terrible hangover, but without the fun of the night before lol! That's exactly how I used to try to describe it to people (not that I have much of a clue what a terrible hangover is like of course!!lol). No friends, I do not want a hangover that goes on for months, and believe me there is no fun involved. Anyway, enough of my whining, I must realise that those trials offer hope for people like me and are a wonderful opportunity, and I truly do know that, it's just tough getting through them and to keep remaining positive and strong, I will surely try my best.

On another note, I have been following Flylady's tips and routines and my home is starting to sparkle and has a LOT less clutter. I actually didn't think I had a lot of clutter, but guess what, I was wrong. Another great site is Saving Dinner, this is fantastic, it includes weekly menu planning, shopping to go with it, freezer meals that you make yourself, tips and how to budget shop, really a wonderful tool. I really think all of these will help me when I'm having chemo, but they can help anyone. Also I'm getting on board with Housefairy, to motivate children to clean their rooms, be responsible for their 'stuff', and help around the house. It makes it so you're not the 'badguy'. I LOVE and really recommend all of these sites if you're feeling a bit behind the 8th ball and have kids, which as far as I know, that's 90% of us lol! Anyway dear ones, take care of yourselves and each other, bye for now. Oh, by the way, those photos above are some of Jack's clean and organised room, I wish I could show you inside the cupboards and drawers, but that's probably getting a bit carried away LOL!


  1. Best of luck today. I am lighting a little candle over here and thinking of you. xo Meg

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