Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A Great Site I've Found...

Hi dear friends, yes I have stumbled across a wonderful site called 'Flylady'. It is a great one for getting organised in the home. It really makes it easy to keep up and get rid of clutter. Definitely worth a look, her problem was perfectionism, which I am sure a lot of us can relate too. She would end up not doing anything unless she had time to do it just perfectly, which meant nothing much got done on the home front. She guides you through steps to overcome this thinking and helps you to get everything on the home front in tip top order with very little fuss. You do get a LOT of emails with this but just delete the ones you don't want. They are designed to keep you on track and motivated, and they do. She also has great simple recipes and great ideas on how to get the kids involved. I heard of this site from another scrapping site, I can't remember which one though, lol, I never remember where I've seen things online, but anyway that doesn't really matter, just go have a look and you'll have a sparkling, organised, home in no time.


  1. hey its tara, here is the website i was talking about where i made the extra summer cash.......... the website is here

  2. Hey Jen, will look up that site sounds good. Have linked you on our blog so that others can be inspired by you!!!!!
    Blog soon
    Love Deb Ross xxxx