Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Family Fun at Jack's Belated Birthday...

Hello my friends, I haven't blogged in a while, but I am still here! I just wanted to share these photos of Jack's very belated birthday with you today. His actual birthday fell on a Thursday (the 13th September) so we thought we'd do a small get together on the following Saturday, but wouldn't you know it, he got a tummy bug and was sick for about 5 days. Anyway we had it the following Saturday and it was lovely. Not to big (last year was a heap of kinder kids) just family this year. I don't think kids need a big party every year. So my two sisters and my two nephews, my mum and my nana, and honestly that was enough. It meant we all had time to spend with each other instead of trying to 'mingle', we could focus on the kids, and all in all it was a really fun, relaxing day. The weather was perfect and we ended up putting the nibblies out on the back table and sitting in the sunshine. I didn't even go mad with the food, I usually way over do it lol! This year just some dip, cheese and biccy's and a bought cake! Easy peasy. Add a few balloons and streamers and there you have it, a party. Next year he's allowed to have a bigger party with friends from school over. I am also taking him to Luna Park this year sometime during the holidays as part of his present, he absolutely loves it there, he hasn't any fear of the rides, he's a bit of a dare devil. He's actually at his Dad's for a few days, so I'm enjoying some much needed time to myself. I don't know what to do first! Anyway I miss him dearly but I may as well make the most of my time out as it'll be gone before I know it. I've been going through his old toys while he's out of the house and getting rid of some of them. He doesn't play with most of them anymore but he has a fit if I try to give them away, so this way what he doesn't know won't hurt him, and his room will be a lot more organised. I also plan on doing some creative things, I'll share whatever I end up making. Anyway that's a fairly long post and so, enough for now. I hope you all have a lovely day and make the most of the school holidays with your darlings. Take care of yourselves and each other. PS: If you need any ideas for young kids (about 2 to 10) check out this great site full of art and crafting ideas. It's really wonderful. Enjoy!


  1. Looks like a fun time. My Max has that exact same wizard hat! Enjoy your time to yourself!

  2. Hi Jen, Happy belated birthday to jack he looks like he was having a great time.

    Did you make the cupcakes? They look fantastic.


    Leeanne x