Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Bag Shopping...

Hi there gals, yes I am trying to find a bag that I like. It has to be fairly large to fit everything including the kitchen sink lol, it has to be stylish, a little bit different and not too ridiculously expensive. I love these above, makes it all the harder to choose though. What do you think? Most of these are from Etsy, I like that they have been hand made and I like that not every one will have one. I love the grey one with the screen print bird and blue berries, and I love the brownish paisley with the darker brown bird, they're just a bit different. I love the greenish circle one, lordy, I love most of them, too hard to choose. Help, which is your favourite? Take care, will let you know which one I end up choosing!!! By the way, the grey one with the bird and berries does have a strap, you just can't see it in this photo.

1 comment:

  1. oh i love that 3rd to last one with the roses and wooden handles...yum!