Thursday, 23 August 2007

We Love This Place

Hi guys, just thought I'd share some photos of a place Jack and I go quite a lot with my (our) dear friend Lee. She and her family have a van down at Phillip Island and she very kindly invites us down there a lot. Jack just loves it, he gets to sleep in bunk beds which is just the bees knees to him. He gets to run free on the beach (not so much in summer). He gets to rock walk, and investigate rock pools, we see wallabies roaming wild, penguins, of course, eat great big ice cream cones and just enjoy the company of each other and our dear friends. Just felt like posting about something nice and positive in our lives. One of the things that is great about it is that it's not too far from home, which makes it feel like little effort to pack up and go. On the other hand, as we cross that bridge to the island, it feels like we are away, IYKWIM? We haven't been in a while actually, now that Spring is nearing, it may be time to organise another trip. It is good to take advantage of things that are lovely whenever you can as life can be very short. It has been a bit of a Godsend for Jack and I, as, because, quite a few of the times we've been, I've been unwell, Lee takes such good care of Jack that I don't have to do much and I don't have to worry about him, she's just so lovely with him, actually with all kids. She treats kids with respect and they respond so well to her. Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos taking a little trip with me to Phillip Island. Take care of yourselves and each other.

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