Sunday, 12 August 2007

Problem Solved (at least I hope so)...

Hey friendly folk, I believe I have solved the problem of Jack being so miserable at school. I have moved him to another, better, school! It is also just around the corner from our home and I am informed that there are some kids that go to his new school actually living in the same street, so potential play mates. I went to the school, had a long and in depth chat to the Principal, a woman!, and I felt that she really understood what Jack has been going through with having me sick for four + years. He doesn't need special treatment as such just people that understand and support him. I feel that we are going to get that here. I have met his teacher who happens to be the Prep Co-ordinator aswell and she seemed lovely and funny and real. Anyway it was like a breathe of fresh air. I have a good feeling about it and so does Jack more importantly. He is ready to start, feeling optimistic (as he usually is when embracing something new) and quietly confident, which is no mean feat after what he has had to deal with at the other school. We start next Monday as his new teacher is on leave for a week so we thought it best to just wait till then. We can do some revision work at home in readiness for the rest of the year. Even the uniform is not too much stress as it has the navy blue pants and tops like the other school the only difference is they don't have red accents they have yellow. He can keep his own school bag and books too. So it's practical, I like that. Jack even has two friends in his class so he won't feel so alone and they are thrilled that he is coming to their class and can't wait to show him around and look after him. Cute!! Also, importantly, it won't be a hassle for other parents (Mums) to maybe pick up and drop off occasionally for me, 'cause I'm starting chemo again soon, so this could be a huge help, especially if they live in the same street! Even if not, they wouldn't be too far away I would imagine as the school is in my zone. Anyway feeling more positive, so is Jack, now just got to get into a 'normal' routine. We have slipped into kind of a get up when we like, go to bed when we like, kind of thing. Not good for school routine. Still I have this week to work on that and hopefully all will be right by next Monday.

Been a bit slack on the scrapping front the last week or so, am anxious to try a sort of vintage, pretty, collage type thing. I'll show you when I've done it and see what you think. Also have the urge to do some scrapping but really need new supplies. I am waiting for the CHA stuff to hit our shores before I go do a nice big shop. Hurry up!!! I can't wait, I really need a shopping fix. All right that'll do for now, take care of yourselves and each other:)

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