Thursday, 23 August 2007

My Poor Baby

Hi there friends, well my DS Jack started his new school on Monday. All went fairly well. Last night we had an early dinner in the school staff room, followed by a storyteller in the library for an hour. We had to go in our PJ's, bring a sleeping bag or blanket and torch. Just as we were nearly there my Jack got this really bad headache. He still insisted on going, but was holding his head in pain. I gave him a panadol and he did feel somewhat better for the last 1/2 hour, but as soon as we were leaving it came on strong again. Anyway he went straight to bed, and straight to sleep as soon as we got home. Then all night, he has been sooooo hot, and had a bad headache. I've been keeping panadol up to him four hourly so we have had some sleep, but he won't be going to school today that's for sure. Why do these things have to happen at the most inappropriate times. He really can't afford to miss anymore school this year and yet I cannot send him like he is. I'll take him to the Doctor today if he is no better. I just worry so much these days when our kids get something like a flu or a nasty cold, I've heard to many sad stories of people dying from these seemingly simple illnesses. Very worried, dear friends!! Also was going to go to my LSS for coffee morning and free scrap to catch up with friends (Hi Wendy) and now, of course, I wont be doing that. Next week Wendy!!! Not that I mind missing out for his sake but it's just always the way in this house. Anyway that'll do for this morning. I'll try and pop back with something inspiring later on. Take Care.

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