Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lovin' Comments

Yes I really do get a buzz out of getting comments, thank you to my old faithfuls in Wendy and Leeanne. Also a nice little comment from Kim at Scrap to My Lu and she also writes Creative Blogs, which, by the way, is a great way of finding terrific blogs. She shares the ones she finds that are a great read, usually crafty or creative in some way. Very unselfish woman. Her own blog is also great as it shows how she's done up her home with very innovative ideas and without spending a fortune. Have a read if you get a chance, I will add her to my links. Also lovely of Ngaire to leave a comment. Still, I'm being a bit greedy, but I want more. I think it may help if I actually tell people, ie friends and family, about my blog. I'm such a duffer I haven't even thought to let them know, and it is a great way of catching up when you just don't feel like talking in person, you know if you're a bit tired, or whatever. I certainly don't think it should replace talking in person at all, but it is a good backup. As my sister said to me this morning when I told her about my blog and recommended her reading it to catch up with me, she said "but I'd much rather talk on the phone or in person". I totally get that, but, as I explained to her, sometimes the timing is wrong or the kids are not loving you being on the phone etc, etc. So I may have convinced her to take a look every now and then, she's not a scrapper so I may just have to add a few more personal bits here and there for her and other family members. When I let them know about it, of course!! Anyway, hopefully I will get a few more comments this way. I just love getting them, they really give me a nice feeling inside (as long as they're nice comments)! Anyway, not much more to say at this stage, I have put another desk in the 'shed/soon-to-be-studio' and am giving some thought to decorating. Maybe even painting!! This weather we're having is just so gorgeous, it's so much easier to stay motivated. Take care of yourselves and each other.


  1. Hi again,

    Just thought I'd leave another comment to put a smile on your dial. I know how you like them, the comments and the smile.

    Bye for now

    Leeanne x

  2. HI Jen,
    Yes I get a blt slack with leaving messages these days, I am like a few of the others a bit a blog stalking. It is always nice to get a message back, I will keep checking in a I will leave a message, you can look me up from Leeane's if you like.
    Are you still loving and collecting Basic Grey.
    Talk soon
    Deb Ross