Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Hey Check These Out...

Hi gals, here is a little bit of eye candy for y'all to take a look at. I have ordered these things on line and they're due in about a week. Don't be too jealous, they're available to anyone by visiting the Tuscan Rose site which is linked on the right hand side of this blog. They are sooooo worth clicking on to enlarge, truly! Now I'll give you an idea on what I plan to do with them. Make art collage's and art journals, maybe vintage cards, tags, banners. Whilst I ADORE scrapbooking, sometimes I just need to interject a little bit of something a bit different in there to keep the flame alive IYKWIM??? I am such a nong, I forgot to tell you they come in thick cardstock or acetate/clear stuff or sticker backing, how versatile is that? You just choose what you like and price doesn't alter all that much. So when I have completed something I will be sure to show you, I just hope the ideas in my head can make their way onto the paper/canvas, whatever ;) I have, ahem, purchased quite a few more of these but not enough room to show you but you get the idea. Next post, some eye candy of what you can make with these little pretties:- edited to add: "I did NOT I repeat did NOT make these very clever and beautiful pieces below." Just so we're clear on that lol!!! (As if you'd think I did, I wish!;)

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