Monday, 27 August 2007

Every Now and Then....

Every now and then something makes its way into your life for a reason. Probably more often than we actually realise, but every now and then we do realise it. About a month ago, a lady named Grace Adamson, came into my Mum's office, in Gisborne. She got chatting to my Mum and Mum told her a bit about my cancer story. She pulled a book out of her handbag and said I've recently written a book on the subject of cancer and women, please give her this from me. I'm ashamed to say that it sat in my bookshelf for approximately 1 month. Then over the weekend I decided to take a look at it. I picked it up, opened it, started reading, and it got me in right from the start. It was as though this woman new me. She has worked with and listened to thousands of woman with cancer over about 30 years. She was married to Ian Gawler, the famous cancer survivor that cured himself and opened a healing institute. He actually didn't heal himself, she was the strength and help behind his recovery. Then just when she thought she couldn't learn anymore about cancer, she got it herself. Anyway she wrote this poem that I feel I would like to share with you, this relates to a lot of women, and the book can be a really great preventative tool before an overload of stress, too much giving to others not enough to ourselves, not taking time out, not meditating, nor releasing emotions, gets a hold of you, it only takes one more thing sometimes to break the camels back. Here is the poem, you may want a tissue or two handy....


Women of Silence, gentle and strong,
Tell me your path, where it first went wrong.
Tell me your story, how you've coped with your life,
Tell me about all the trouble and the strife.

I see how you've coped, withholding the pain,
I feel your soul weeping and yet you refrain
From sharing your losses, your grief and your fears
But you know, they multiply over the years.

Until one day your inner wisdom says "no more".
And you awake with an illness, a fiery core
That's fuelled by a lifestyle out of control, Too much held too often has taken its toll.

It's time to rethink, reassess how it's been
And develop a strategy previously unseen.
There is a way to heal with heart and great passion.
Let go of withholding that was always your fashion.

Nurture yourself and make yourself whole.
Live your life fully and realise your goals.
Women of Silence, gentle and strong,
Find the courage to heal, and to sing your heart's song.

Grace Adamson.

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