Monday, 30 July 2007

You can now post comments

I am so sorry guys, I have had my blog settings for comments set on the wrong thing. I have now fixed this, so if you have been trying to leave a comment please try again as, (hopefully), I have now fixed the problem. I tell ya it's not easy when you're technology challenged as I am. If anyone has tried and failed I am really sorry for their trouble but please keep trying. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    So many emotions.... I'm thrilled to see you came through your surgery and home again, but I was heartbroken to read about Jack. He is such a gorgeous and special little guy, just like my Harry and it will probably always be difficult for them to fit in at school. Harry has had problems with a bully recently too. Chelsea got so mad about it that she ended up confronting the kid after school one day, but it had no effect, so then she spoke to the kids older brother and that seems to have helped. I hope the school take it seriously and start taking action. Harry is seeing a psychologist and she is helping him with some strategies too. He feels a lot better for it. You feel so helpless and angry, but all you can do is give him lots of love.
    Stay in touch babe and take care