Monday, 30 July 2007

Sad Tonight...

My DYS on his first day of school.

Hi guys, yes I am sad tonight. My 'baby', my DYS, hates school. He went from such a happy, positive, little boy, never wanting a day off, even when he really needed one 'cause he was sick, to, not wanting to go, tears at bedtime, begging me in the mornings to let him stay home. I hate it for him. Other kids can be so cruel. Yes, he's being bullied. There is an 'older' boy, grade one, as opposed to prep. He has taken a dislike to Jack and seems to have quite an influence on the other kids and apparantly tells them not to play with Jack and encourages them to be mean to him. You know, what I hate about this is how much effort we (I), as Mothers, put into preparing our young ones to start school. We start by telling them how much fun it will be, how great it will be to make new friends, we tell them things like how loved they are, how it's okay to be different, in fact that makes us special and on and on you all know the drill. Then as soon as they start school they start to realise that the world isn't always fair, that kids can be just plain mean to you if you're different, that not everyone you meet loves you and it can be a cruel place. I hate how they go from a safe, loving, nuturing home straight into what can be an ugly awakening and you're left looking like a) a liar b) you don't know anything about the real world out there c) that hey maybe Mum doesn't realise that I'm not great like she always said I was.

I know I sound very negative but I really am feeling sad for my boy. I don't quite know what to do, I will send a note to the teacher explaining all and asking for a time to see her and have a talk. Do I march up to the child in question and say "leave my son alone, stop picking on him etc etc", I'm even going as extreme as thinking maybe I should change him into another school. He says he only has one friend left and he's terrified they're going to get to him and turn him away aswell. If anyone out there has any advice for me or has been through similar, please share.

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