Thursday, 5 July 2007

I've Been Very Slack

Hello faithful readers, I am so sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I am going into hospital tomorrow for approximately 10 days so things will be very quiet around here until I get home. I thought I'd better just post something to you before I left. I have been so busy going to pre-admission clinic and getting ready for a long stay that I just haven't had time to post lately. Anyway here I am for one last post before about the 16th July. I am very excited as I saw this morning that I have won a prize on Ngai's blog for my 'beautiful' layout. It is a prize package from K&Co. so that was a nice way to start the day, particularly the day before surgery! Then another nice surprise was one of my layouts up on the Scrapthe boys blog. Link is on right of my blog. Mind you she says I've put stars over the top of patterned paper which I haven't, I cut out stars from the Cherry Arte papers and pasted them onto white cardstock and then added some chipboard over the top. Not that it matter, but hey if I'm going to handcut anything, I want it recognised! lol. It certainly is not one of my favorite layouts and I think the others on that site are so much better, but anyway it's there and that's a nice feeling.

On another tack for a moment, my mum is sooooo clever. I went to my sisters wedding on the weekend and my mum made her dress for the occasion. It is absolutely stunning. She doesn't truly appreciate how talented she is, so I'm going to leave you some photos as I know you guys out there will definately appreciate the talent. Just be aware that it is much more stunning in real life, of course. My sister is quite stunning too, which doesn't hinder the dress in any way at all either. Now I know some of these are a little blurry, when I get my hands on the professional ones I'll post you those so you can get a better look.

I think what is so amazing about this woman (my mother) is she hasn't had any sewing lessons, apart from in high school, and my sister just showed her a picture out of a magazine and mum copied it, no pattern, nothing. Pretty amazing huh! And to think I can barely sew a button. I am working on this though, but probably on to being able to cope with a bag or apron etc. Anyway that will probably have to do for today, unless I can sneak of bit of time later but at least I have left you with some pretties to look at. Take care of yourselves and each other.

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