Wednesday, 20 June 2007

So Excited

I am sooooo excited today. This morning I got an email from Ngaire Bartlam, yes 'the' Ngaire. And guess what? Never mind you'll never guess so I'll just tell you. She asked whether I would mind if she used one of my layouts on her blog!!!! Ah hello, mind, she asks, MIND, I would be ecstatic. I am just so thrilled she likes it enough to want to do that. It has given me a real buzz and a much needed boost to the old self esteem. What a darling, I have always so respected Ngaire, I love how she totally embraces women and their strengths so it was extra special that it was her. So of course I said yes, so I'm not sure when it will appear but I will be checking that blog everyday, which I mostly do anyway, but this will just make it all the sweeter. I haven't told anyone on my scrap forums yet, I don't know if I should or should I just wait until the layouts actually on there. She only asked me this morning and I responded, enthusiastically this afternoon. I'll see if I can hold it in, probably not, anyway if any of them read this blog they'll soon know. Okay hope you're all as happy as I am today and take care of yourselves and each other.

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